This is more of a poem than a song, but i threw this together rather quickly tonight as i was strugling with writers block, and thought i would see what you guys think of it.

He's trapped
Trapped between the lines of his own poem
He wants to run
But he knows when he escapes
he'll find himself imprisoned again

He sits in his den
as he goes through the motions
He stares at the white space
and wonders why it holds warden over him

They offer him a way out
a cheap, dirty, easy way out
but he refuses
The reward is to great to cheat himself

He knows he'll get out in time
So he waits his sentence patiently
doing anything to pass the time
looking for some sort of inspiration

He picks up a new book
and his sentence flies almost as fast as the pages
He wraps himself around its words
as he soon finds the sweet freedom he desired

He looks back at his prison
and stands awestruck at its beauty
A feeling of pride swiftly falls onto him
as he softly whispers ''see you next month''
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