Wow, I really like it, especially the lead part that starts around 0:55. Reminds me a bit of Dragonforce but slowed down a bit. The recording quality is very good (the performance is tight as well). What do you use?

Mind criting mine? The genre might be a little different from what you listen to, judging by what your music is like haha, but oh well.

i really like the sound of this, its great quality and tight playing. the song itself really held my attention, which instrumentals don't always do, and i felt a theme without it being repetitive. the harmonized guitars were awesome and i didn't hear one note that didn't sound right.
Yeah, this is very cool. I like a person that can write an instrumental that doesnt make somebody lose interest. Its definitly awesome. I have no complaints. Everything fits well. Good Job.
pretty cool stuff, nice riffing, tone, drums sound, and verything was tight. i think there needs to be more leads in there though, just seems like riffing. maybe expand on it to, seems short, even though thats wat uer ding already, so post this up when its done!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Good harmonies at the beginning, pretty energetic intro.

Fun blastbeats. The lead work is short but nice.

The part where drums cut out and come back is well done.

Now, if you're looking to expand, maybe have a half-time interlude thing with lots of clean reverb guitar, then end it on a high note by revisiting some of the themes here? Just a suggestion. Good job though.
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after the last break you hear, there is a huge guitar solo, shifting between half time and regular time to make lots of variation. then repeats a couple of the first riffs, a slow lead, then an outro... thanks alot for the comments guys, keep em coming!
top notch,you really have control over your guitar.
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crit as i listen.
I like the intro... sounds like somethin that should be on an old Nintendo Video game... and i dig that. Nice harmonized guitars. they are well played. I like the guitar solo, nice tone overall, and again well played. What did you use for the drums? The snare roll near the end was a little abrupt and loud, but overall the song was real good and catchy.
Keep it up.
thanks for the crit
Nice harmonizing, especially when the rhythm guitar comes in. THe drums dont sound too bad either. The lead part aroun 56 seconds sound great, though a little low in the mix. THe outro is great. You should definetly continue this.
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thats effin awsome. i like the other songs on there too. you gotta get drums for tommorrow can wait, that it just sick. your style is kinda like dragon force, but not so damn cheesy. i like it a lot. killer leads too.
Kick ass man. Phenominal quality and writing. What do you use to record/drums. I still am tryiong to fidure out how to do drums so any info would be very helpful. Crit me plz https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=461536
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