ok, so i got a superstrat wiring kit off guitar fetish and got this wiring diagram (well, i put it in paint...haha)

ok, now my question is that if i just take the neck wire going to its tone pot and put it on the same spot as the middle yellow going to the tone and then added a bridge wire to the same tone spot. and just put all the ground wires and ground the cap to the top of that tone pot. would i have 1 volume and 1 tone pot, leaving the middle pot open, cause i plan on getting a clapton midboost preamp from GF and i woud like it in the middle...if im wrong can someon please just remake my diagram so that i could do this...thanks
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Forget any tone wires that are going to the switches. Just take one wire from the tone to the volume, like this..

These go to eleven...