One day I have down
I was going from town to town
Seemed to have lost my name
Not remembering a thing

You could have said I was sad
Or you could have said I was mad
I was missing a single feeling
The love from somebody

Everything was really low
I was so slow
But one day I found her
She was an angel

Angels on earth
Though they're not always here
When you are in the most desperate time
They will always come
And lift you up with a golden wing

Now that I found my love
My past will fly away
And I will enjoy my life

Not the worst thing ever, but it can fit in some improvement. It seems rather cliche but it's rare that a topic hasn't been overdone. The only change I think needs to be made right away is filling out the second line of the third verse; it needs another word or two.

I like the chorus the most, but it is also a pretty overused idea. It isn't bad though, just needs to be reworked a bit until you hit a fountain of originality. Good idea though. Could you crit mine:

yea....IMO the rhyming in verses seem to be really forced, like 'sad-mad', 'low-slow'...
i dont like the ending:
"now i found my love.My past will fly away.And i will enjoy my life"
Maybe its the last stanza making it.....kinda cheesy or something?
The chorus is okay i think...with thw music it will sound cool.
So IMO you must work on that song a bit...add some 'stronger' language and stuff.
i like the topic, althaugh it's familiar. Peace
i agree with the rhyming deal ^
the end seems a little disconected
nice foundation though