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i've got their album "a nods as good as a wink to a blind horse" (or bat if you like monty python )

i think they're a really great band. ron wood was in this band before the stones, and i can kinda hear hints of stones in their stuff. kinda bar band boogie? good stuff.

they sing "ooh la la" and "stay with me" if you didn't know.

so discuss this band! other albums i should get?
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Get all of their albums if you can. The Faces are one of my favorite bands. Rod was a great rock n roll singer, i'm not sure why he ever stopped singing rock n roll.

If you can't find anymore albums, get the 'Five Guys Walk Into A Bar' box set.
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Great band, Great singer, Great guitarist. Personally a favourite band of mine.
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wanna my all time faves i recomend their first steps album, three buttom had me down is a top song, Ronnie lane was one of the best songwriters ever and the real soul behind the faces
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"Ooh La La" and "Stay With Me" are the only songs particulary like. I got a compilation of their's and it isn't have bad, but still, that thing I said earlier. I strongly prefer The Jeff Beck Group and the Faces of the Small variety.
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Rod Stewart cemented his status as "The Man" when he was in the Faces. Then he took a pick axe and hacked away at that status with all the dross he makes now.

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Stay with me is kickin.

I also like Cindy Incidentally (I think that's the name). They have a few other songs I'm into every now and then.
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