I am an acoustic player who just bought my first electric, and am in need of some help. Money is a big issue for me, and I am willing to cut corners to save a little cash wherever possible. Thus, I was wondering if it is possible to use home theater speakers in conjuction with a power amp instead of spending more money on a cabinet or a combo? Or if there is any difference in the quality of sound? Thanks in advance.
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Dude just use speakers made for guitar. Home stereo speakers WOULD work...but theyre just not made to handle those kind of things. Normal speakers for guitars would sound a lot better anyways.
yep a normal set of speakers will work in conjuction with a poweramp, or probably a better idea, a modeller that outputs to the hifi standard. There are theories going around that speakers won't last as long but that's all bull, it depends on how loud you have it too.

be warned though, it won't sound as good as a proper amp, it'll probably feel like the signal is trapped inside your hifi, but hey its a good way to save money.