Greetings. This past Summer I purchased a Peavey 112 EFX amp. I've since increased my proficency at the electric guitar to a point where I can comfortably call myself a musician. However, I want to branch out into other guitar models. I'm interested in picking up a bass, but don't have the dissposible income (or space, really) to purchase another amp. Would my Peavey be able to double as a suitable amplifier for a bass guitar, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Are electric and bass amps two different animals? Cheers.
you could swap the guitar amp for a bass amp with no problems, itd be a more bassy sound but there wouldn't be a problem of blowing the amp
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Guitar amps aren't built to handle basses, so if you play too loud and/or too often, it could damage the speaker.