I was wondering if there is a pedal that lets me control the gain with a expression foot pedal. So that I can gradually add more gain while playing. There must be some multy FX pedal that can do this (right?). I'd be really glad if someone would know some sort of fuzz pedal with this kindda functions.
I had the same idea a few years back but I havent found one yet. You can get the same effect by turning up your volume slowly on a tubed amp.
yep if ure using a modeller or tube amp get a volume pedal and stik it between your guitar and the amp. it works if at the lowest volume setting you get a more or less clean channel and you raise the volume to get more of a distorted setting, works on my microcube!
Well, speaking of multi FX, the ZOOM GFX4 can do it (I got it, it's pretty nice).. But I suppose GFX5, 6 or whatelse can do it....
Yea, multi FX's have that function, but a lot of multi FXs are quite crap.

You can achieve the same effect very well by using the volume control on your guitar, works great.
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