This is one I wrote over like, 6 months and kind of deals with a wide range of things. I'm not sure if I really like the final version, so sorry if it just wastes your time. Still, any crits would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

alking and I'm tickin, Acting like a chicken
In front of her every time
Playing like the fool, quite a little tool
Thinking that my feeling's a crime

She's running me up, Bringing me down
She is quite a multitasker
She thinks we are just good friends
Because I haven't asked her

She's platonic, I'm idiotic
All hail caesar and he's robotic

Isabella, I want you in my bed
Isabella, I want you out of my head
Isabella, You love me like a brother
Isabella, Guess I will find another

She's is the killer, I am the victim
I have been stabbed in the heart
She's really innocent, And I am to blame
But I still feel she is a tart

She's supersonic, For her I'm chronic
My plates shift, they are tectonic

Isabella, Want you to be my girl
Isabella, I'm round your pinky curled
Isabella, Asking ruins relations
Isabella, But I got notation

Speak to me, just speak to me
I will listen, I need to know
Let me say, Just let me say
I will talk, I'm feeling low

Isabella, I am feeling fine
Isabella, But still wish you were mine
Isabella, For another day
Isabella, now take it away
lol whats with the super sonic tectonic plates bit??!!! thats so random! i really like the verses just not sure about that bit. gl
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If your vegetarian girl harasses you about eating meat, snap back with, "Eating more entirely defenseless plants that provide us with oxygen?"

That'll shut that bitch up faster than two black eyes.

Very Anthony Keidis-esque..with the nonsensical gibberish that is.

It okay I guess
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Will_Gum knows what he's talking about

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Is this the kinda thread like the one that Will_Gum made about eating his baby brother or something? Because it's not as good..
Yeah, I definitely put in some nonsensical jibberish there, and I am a really big chili's fan. And I actually had a reason for the supersonic/tectonic line, but I can't remember it now.