hey guys,
you guys are probaly going to think im stupid but is it a necessery to learn a full song as apart of skill (i have the capability to but take me a while because im slow with reading tabs etc)
well i learned alot of intros and such

i dont like playing other peoples stuff though ( iused to know like 10 metallica songs all the way) but thats about it..no i cant get all the way done with one i dont think

but i dont think its a skill

as long as you can get threw your own
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thanx guys that is all i wanted to know because my dad says that i need to play full songs but i only really want to know riffs/solos
ok, dude i still have no idea what youre trying to get at here. Is skill needed to learn a full song? ...well...yeah. Or does learning the whole song increase skill? again...duh. Im confused. If you can, LEARN THE WHOLE SONG. I guess...idk.
well i have the abillity to play riffs/solos but i cbf playing full songs that bands have made eg ( AC/DC shook me all night long)
Whats "cbf"????

ok. Im off to bed. But seriously man, if you dont want to play the whole song. Dont. If you can, why not? If you cant, learn it. If you can but dont want to, your friggan lazy. If you cant but want to, then take the time to learn it.

Play what you want.
You should play the whole song, not only a couple of riffs or solo's.
It's good for your feeling for rhythm, and it makes you a better player too!
This way you also build up something, you learn to play a couple of full songs which you can play with a band, or a backing track. It's much more fun then only a couple of riffs.