is the solo in the beast and the harlot by avenge sevenfold hard to play? any tips would be great.

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Quote by metal_fretter
is the solo in the beast and the harlot by avenge sevenfold hard to play? any tips would be great.

Dude...think about it; it could be hard to play for some, and easy for others.
yeah its pretty tricky but dont let that put you off...its a great solo to build technique and is extremly melodic. If your alternate picking is solid then it shouldnt take you more than a few days...if it isnt then its a great song to start getting your picking hand working
that depends, hows your sweeping? If its anything like mine then i wouldnt even look at it lol
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There was a vid for this solo in TG some time ago I'll see if I can find it later and I'll give it to you if you want
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There's no sweeping in the solo, Synyster Gates told total guitar that he uses alternate picking. All the tabs I've seen of the solo are very wrong, the only correct one I know of is total guitar's transcription.
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The solo, for me, is very challenging because I'm not very good at using my pinky yet. I'm actually using Beast and the Harlot and Bat Country to practice my technique, as Synyster Gates is a very talented guitarist. Master your alternate picking and build up some coordination in your pinky/ring fingers and this shouldn't be that hard.

Now does anyone know how to play those notes in the Bat Country solo where he taps on with his right hand? I can sound the notes but I can't bend them like he does...
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I have submitted my powertab solo for beast and the harlot, I used guitar world and the synyster gates vid of total guitar. I think it is pretty much perfect but if someone has total guitar I will be happily proven wrong.

Also the bat country tap bending. I usually do it by just using my tapping finger but syn does it by bending with his left hand as normal, which bends the string and works as long as you keep your tapping finger steady.

The beast and the harlot solo is a very good solo for techniques and stuff, once you have done a lot of speed exercises it is not hard, but I still find it hard to get it all perfect in one go. And the descending bit at the end is the reason I can use 4 fingers descending quickly.
the sweeping in the song is pretty easy for me, I have alot of problems with the disgustingly fast scales near the end. I beatmapped it on a wave editor, and slowed it down like a 100 bpm, and it's still sounds super fast. He may not be a stellar guitarist himself (see video here "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3laF-7uZrk") seeing as he screws up his own solo in a training video, but the man can write. Anybody have advice on how to do those four fret sequential pull-offs or rolls or whatever they are, without x-jumbo frets? (very end where he goes from the top e down like 22-21-20-19)
    A lot of it's just some crappy chromatic scale runs, although the melodic parts are very catchy. Basically, if you can shred, it should be fairly easy.
    This was one of the first more intermediate to advanced solos I tried to learn and I can play it slower than tempo but those chromatics just mess me up real bad lol. My alternate picking just isn't what it should be.