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The daydream of a kiss that never was.

Your eyes are nothing to me any more,
But a window to and empty room,
To a world I will never know
But the match that lights the flame,
Of your smile, the fire in my veins.
Is dying out, and the embers light your face
Be careful what you say,
Bite your tongue until it bleeds.
And tell me what it tastes like,
The blood of a broken hart,
The regret of a bad turning point,
A letter marked return to sender.
A definition of a sure loser.

A move like this,
It screams bad taste,
And all my hopes have gone to waste,
And I screamed as you said good night.
And with your last words, the door slams shut,
And the rain starts to fall,
And washes away the memory of it all,
But I can?t forget my one true regret,
Of letting my self fall for you.

The burning gin clears my throat,
And the thought of you turn to faded
With every shot I forget you more,
And focus my attention on a night well planed,
The Alcohol softens my obsession,
But even one or two quiet drinks,
Can?t tell me what to say
When you catch my out,
And my eyes meat yours,
And my lightheaded glimpse,
Of a era to far gone,
As I take another drink,
The daydream of a kiss that never was,
Enters my head,
One more drink and she?ll be silenced.
Nice work. You gotta attend to that line we were talking about simo. well done mate. Keep churning em out man.
good hows it to be sung?
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