sorry to hassle anyone but does anyone know where i can buy the ibanez iceman dmm1 (daron malakians signature model) i live in the uk and cant find it anywhere i checked my local music stores and there isnt any, anywhere!
Plz Help, Thx In Advance
keep checking ebay, your local paper, ummm guitar forums, trading post, etc you know just places where they sell/trade guitars also ask if your guitar shop can order one in specially from some place
They were released as an extremely limited edition (I think around 300 of them), and pop up for sale very rarely. I see them go on ebay sometimes in the area of $1000-1200. Having said that, save for the finish, it's not worth a penny over, say, a korean IC400.
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bumping a 3.5 year old thread to promote a personal sale. Good job.
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bumping a 3.5 year old thread to promote a personal sale. Good job.

Well people obviously still look at it don't they.
If someone's interested in buying one of only 300 in the world, there's probably a good chance they'd find the post on this thread, just like you did.
Good job missing the point.
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i have one too. #220
on ebay for $800
search for dmm1 ibanez

Don't bump a 4 year old thread.....go to classifieds.