I bought my first Guitar last week hoping to indulge in something new, so I chose Electric Guitar as i've never played any other musical instrument before.

Basically I would like to know how some of you began playing, and possibly without a Guitar teacher, as I am learning on my own from video's and through this website and I'm picking it up but very slowly.

So the main reason ...

How do you think I should go about the first stages of learning a guitar? (Without a teacher.)

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check out the lessons on UG or any other guitar sites you can find, and just pick some easy sounding songs and find the tabs for them and give them a go, I think that's how most people teach themself around here...
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Also I have an Electric Guitar and I know you are supposed to tune the Guitar but obviously I have no experience or know of how to go about it.
What sort of music do you listen to mostly and what sort of style are you trying to accomplish in your playing?
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learn the basic chords

A G E D and C

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i just downloaded GP5 and a whole lotta GP Tabs And Learned From That...

NOOOO! That is not a good idea. You don't just wan't to memorize a few songs- you want to learn things so you can make your own songs or variations of songs.

Like the guy above me said- Learn the basic open chords. This might be hard at first- I reccomend before diving into those to make up a few little one or two string riffs (smoke on the water, iron man, etc) to help you get aquainted with the fret board. After you are pretty comfortable with those, go to the Lesson section here on UG and look at basic open chords.

Welcome to Guitar- it's about the greatest thing in the world
So your new eh? We all were at one point. Look around this site and some of the others on the internet to learn some stuff about chords and scales and things like that. Im not going to go in depth with all this, just a few little pointer to push you in the right direction.
Start off by learning some basic chords (A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, G) and try putting these into progressions. There are tons of sites (including this one) where you can find out chord diagrams for these chords. Once you feel you have learnt them chords. Move onto learning seventh chords and learning some barre and power chords.
Then you should learn some scales. Some good ones being The chromatic scales, the major scale and the minor pentatonic. Then play around with these to create your own riffs/ licks. Also if you wanted to take this further there are other scales which you can learn along with modes, which you will find very useful as you progress.

Other than learning them listen to some of your favourite artists and maybe learn some of their songs. After all, it's meant to be about enjoying yourself.
If you do find anything hard, don't worry, most of us had trouble when we first started as well. You just need that little bit of determination and soon you will be able to show off to your friends with ease
go get an acoustic and learn all your open chords barre chords and scales then when you have gotten compitent on the acoustic which depending on your practice schedule and passion could take from 6 months to a year then pick up that electric and see how much easier it is compared to an acoustic. Now I'm not talking about those hard solos and riffs that alot of your metal bands do that sort of stuff I'm just talking about the same chords scales and stuff just saying that ancoustic will develope hand strength faster because you need to use more thats all No hate mail please from you electros out there
Practice man. Get some tabs of your favorite songs. Thats the best way I can help out, just make sure you practice.
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learn the basic chords

A G E D and C



Anyway, check out the lessons on UG, that's how I got started.
what about F and B

anyway i learned on acoustic, learning dave amtthews stuff. this really forced me to learn great percussive rhythms and awsome timing. it forced me to build up hand strength and made me learn all kinds of crazy chords and streatches. i started off very slow, but once i nail my first song, i ****ing took off like a rocket.
Pickup some good books and ebooks. Be patient it takes time to learn. Take your time and learn slowly. Make sure you have a good tuner.

Most of all have fun.

the first few months are critical IMO, so no matter how little progress you see PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't give up (speaking from experience, I would be 6 years ahead on my playing now had I not given up) try to go 6 months solid, even if you don't end up learning much from then on you can just think back on how much time you've spent on it already, and you'd realize it'd be a waste to give up

anyway, as for playing, it depends on how you learn. I myself learn/get better from application rather than starting from the basics (ie i pick a song, go through it, break it down and learn the critical techniques I don't know, finish the song) but you might learn better like a lot of people here (exercising the basics, then putting them together) so if you're not sure already i'd spend a week or so experimenting and getting to know how you learn. Remember don't rush anything based on standards here and go by your own pace. If you rush songs/techniques you'll only get sloppy, which you would then need to reverse and re-learn them properly (which obviously takes more time than learning it properly in the first place)

and also, I found that the one thing that helped me out in my 3rd/4th month of playing was to get together with a buddy who also played the guitar (who was about a year further along than me) and jam for a bit (even if you barely end up playing a proper chord) that helps a lot with motivation and setting goals for yourself if you don't have a teacher, and you might just pick up a few techniques :P

so yeah, just remember, this isn't supposed to be work, practice is practice but if at anytime you feel like you can't go on, just stop pushing those scales and have fun with it for a week; play some easy songs, make up some riffs etc.

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That'll walk you through the basics and give you the foundation to be a decent self taught guitar player. It doesn't matter how clueless you are, the book is dummy friendly.
get a teacher, it means tht you will be in 3 months where you would be by yourself after a year or more.
oh and buy a tuner, and cds of hendrix, stevie ray vaughan, guns n roses(original gnr)

just for inspiration
Thanks for all your help. I've got Guitar Pro 5 which is a bit useless to me for now but the lessons through this site are REALLY good and i'm learning quite quickly. Sorry I don't have much to say right now.
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