A few years ago, I had some little thing that fit in the palm of my hand that was used to strengthen your fingers. Are those still around?

Also, is there anything else I can do while I'm sitting idle at work with nothing to do to help stretch/strengthen my fingers or help increase speed? It's just impossible for me to get buy bringing in a guitar into the office you know.

I figure if I might as well be doing something to make a little progress so when I do sit down with my guitar, I'll be better off.
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Those palm things are cool, i have one so yes, they are still around. Probably at a sports shop. Make sure you hold your arm out straight forward from your body while doing that so only your forearm is used. Ever sinced i started arm/wrist strengthening exercises, my speed increased dramatically. If you wanna improve your playing, you should study theory in your working time.... not as good as playing guitar directly but you can utilize your learnings after work i guess.
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My palm-muted downpicking speed has improved dramatically!
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