Hi guys.

What guitarists use the Ibanez S520EX guitar? Did a Google but didn't really find out anything. And who uses the RG Prestige? Does any of the top guitarists dare to show themselves in public with a 1570 mirage?
why does this matter? Fine if you are just interested, but do not base your buying upon who uses the guitars because mostly, apart from tone freaks like Satch and Vai, and those who havea signature, the musicians manager will tell them what guitar to play according to how much money the deal makes.
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this is just out of curiosity (??) and will not affect my choice of guitar what so ever.
I think one of the guitarists of Byzantine uses an S model although I'm not sure if it's the S520
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Theres in ad in a magazine that I have that shows aobut 7 guitarists who use S series guitars. Not sure if any of them are 520exs tho.
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