I'm trying to learn how to play Plug In Baby by Muse (and while I'm at it Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner), but both songs have this pattern of notes that I can't quite figure out how I should play to get it up to speed. Specifically it looks like this:


Eh, I lied. While I'm at it I'm hoping to know whether it makes a difference if you use a thin or thick pick to play harmonics.
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Well, you could fret all three notes and play them down and then up. I havn't heard the song but it should be easier playing them that way instead of with one finger individually. Oh, and if you havn't already, use alternate picking.
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Thanks for the response. Of course, I failed to include a crucial part of the riff.

--7--------- 7---
----7----- 7-----

Since it goes down to nine, I can't seem to find a "natural" way to fret this. You were right about fretting the three 7's down and up since it makes the same humming effect as in the real song, but then the 9 poses a problem.
Bar the three 7s with your pointer finger and fret the 9 with your index. Sure you'll end up barring the high E 7 as well but you can easily avoiding picking it.
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Oh, you caught me, I'm just a pseudo-intellectual 7th grader.
Ok i'm learning it too, I just found it on Google video.


Intro is great, that bar technique works fine for me.
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Oh, you caught me, I'm just a pseudo-intellectual 7th grader.
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Yup, and then just move your index up to the 9th fret b string on the bend when you reach the last of those notes.
Haha. Exactly. I called my index finger my pointer, and my ring my index. Sorry for the mixup..you've got it.
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Oh, you caught me, I'm just a pseudo-intellectual 7th grader.
are you going to be doing the lil intro he does at the beginning? i know sort of how to do it
I'm not sure how long it takes for a thread to be dead...but hopefully it isn't so...

Thanks for the help. The picture and the descriptions really helped and I can now play it.

As for that intro...I have no idea how to do it and would appreciate it if someone who knew how to play it could enlighten me.

And although I know I should be focusing on learning one song at a time, I've never been able to do that so while I am at it I thought I might as well ask a few more questions.

In Hysteria by Muse, there's one part that goes like this:


The note goes up in pitch slowly and smoothly, yet when I play it you can hear distinct changes from fret to fret. Also, I'm not quite sure how to make it sound "scratchy" like in the song.

And for the main riff of the song:


Is there some special way to mute the strings with the x's so it sounds right? I haven't been able to get lessons yet, so I've just been letting my index finger - which is fretting the 12 - also touch that string slightly.

Practice makes perfect, but I've got to get it right before the wrong technique gets stuck in my head. Thanks.
intro for Plug In Baby is done by the Zvex Fuzz Factory which cost alot and does plenty of different sounds.