I'm 80% sure about buying these guitars. I knocked 20% off because of the complicated Floyd Rose and i've never played on a Line 6 before.

I have played on a Metal Axxe Reaper and that was damn good but apparently sounds a little different to the Wraith. Could anyone let me know if the Wraith is a good guitar? I know it can't be a bad guitar because Vintage make great guitars but I haven't played on a Wraith so I'm not sure if it has the tones for me. I play rock, mostly GreenDay and Red hot chilli type stuff.

As for the AMP it seems like I can't go wrong with it. 6 effects which I would use quite a bit. Not sure about what phaser does, anyone know? But apart from that the 30W will be more than enough for just playing in my bedroom.

What do you think about my choice?

I'm only 16 with a part time job so I can't afford to go out and buy a Gibson LP with a 100W Marshal amp
You could probably get a better guitar for those tones and the Spyders have a terrible reputation here, just because it has built in effects doesn't mean the tone is good. Do a search on the Line6 sypders and see what I mean
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I know where your comming from, im also 16 and have a part time job, though i spend all my paychecks on my drums, but besides that ill disagree with GNR4EVER, i love the Spyder II. I would definitly get it.(hes only 16, let him get something thats cool, not great enough for gigging, jeeze.) As for the guitars, ive never played either one so cant help. But only get the floyd rose if your going to use it, alot. I have one on one of my guitars and i barely touch it. and there the biggest pain to change strings and to tune. thats my 2 cents.
heh, I see what you mean about those Line6. I never looked into the roland cube but they get praised around here. As for the Ibanez, it looks pretty good and it doesn't have a floating bridge which saves on a lot of hassle. How are they for tone range though?

Thanks schmitd (hope I spelled it right). You have a point, I never use my whammy bar so I doubt getting a Floyd Rose would benefit me, if anything it would make me snap my guitar in two though frustration. I'm stuck between the Roland and Line6 now. both have pretty cool effects.

I suppose I was going for the looks of the guitar instead of the function of it. My brother had an Ibanez while i was younger and they was pretty cool.
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You'd probably get a better reply if you asked abouit the Cube and Spyder in Guitar Gear and Accessories rather than Electric Guitar

Also check out the Vox ADVT series, they'd probably be more suitable for your styles than either the Line6 or the Cube, though I hear the speaker is better from the 50watt versions and up
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