So folks i just set up my cpu at my new apt cuz my mom kicked me out. which is good cuz now i can try to record. i have some ****ty compaq computer. and no equipmeent to record. What is the bare minimum i need to get my guitar plugged in to start recording. and so you know my computer has no outlets to plug my guitar in. haha i dont know if that was a dumb statement but my friend has an input jack on his so i was just lettin ya know. so please help and let me know how much each piece of equipment will cost.
what you need, is either...

a high end ish sound card
a DI box
or a guitar-in usb type thingi

some good sound cards, have the 1/4 inch jack sockets, like some of creatives audigy range...thats probably what ur freind has

a di box has a 1/4 jack socket and XLR socket, so you could plug guitars and a balanced mic in, but i aint sure how the DI box plugs into ur computer...usb maybe? someone help?

the guitar-in thingis are all over the place, some good multi effects units have usb ports you can plug straight into ur comp, line6's pod series have them i think...
but you can get simple guitar-in boxes that plug into the usb and let you plug a guitar in...

someone elabortate ... i dono everytin
does your computer have a sound card? If so, it should have a mic input, but computer mic's usually don't record that well. If you want to spend a little more, devices like guitarport, toneport, m-audio black box, etc allow your guitar to interface with USB or Firewire. They also give you amp/cab models and fx, but only on your computer. The next step up are the multifx boxes like the Podxt, very convenient, and they will work with amps, but they can get quite pricey. If you want to record your actual amp, the best and easiest is with a mic preamp, or mixer with mic preamp, and a decent mic like the Shure SM57.
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theres a few options you can choose from here-

cheap sound/quality:
1) go to radio shack and buy a 1/4 adapter that you can plug into the mic jack of your comp, then get a software like Audacity to record and edit with. Sound is pretty bad but if you're just looking to get ideas down on the comp then go with this
Estimated Cost: $1.00-$2.00

Could also buy a four track tape recorder, record your guitar are on there, and send it thru the mic input on your comp. These are like $50 bucks or something.

Almost pro sound
2) Buy a USB audio interface. From here you can spend $30- $500 depending on what you want. For $30 you can get a usb port that has like 2-3 1/4 plug in's but you have to find a software to run it thru. I know theres free stuff all over the internet but I would invest in some solid recording software myself.

Additionally, they have more expensive models that are specific for guitar and have software with it. I dont know if you were planning on recording a whole band or what, but these are pretty cool. Line 6 makes one for about $130 that plugs in via usb and has software that allows you to edit your tone via computer. It also has line outputs so you don't have to mess with your sound card.

Expensive pro sound
3) Buy a multi-track recorder. Not exactly convienient and can be a little confusing...

Good sound/easy/best value
4) Buy an effects board. A lot of them have USB cables/software which allow you to record thru the effects into your comp. I have a GNX3000 and its my favorite tool to use while practicing. You can record a rhythm hands free and then solo over it--even on a ****ty computer. I use an old compaq for this piece of equipment and its works like a charm.
$200-$400 plus you get all the effects if you dont already.

hope this helps