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I am making this thread because I am need of some direction as where to go with playing. Um, Right now I have been playing for about a year roughly. Anyways, I know Basic chords, Major and Minor, A rough knowledge of the CAGED system, I can play intros, and some solos.. I know the minor pentatonic scale shapes move them accordingly for key.. I have been practicing alternate picking, etc.. Can play some stuff from Metallica, GnR, etc...

Anyways my questions are.. Are far as practicing goes, I really want to get serious and start to make some major breakthroughs.. I need to learn Chord Progression, And Start to name the bar chords, I know the shapes..

I just have been frustrated lately from seeing lack of results. I practice by imrpvo through scales, and just basically making up my own stuff. As far as exercises go. I do stuff like 1234 4321 2345 etc..

Questions are, To Anchor, or not to Anchor.. , What to practice and how, maybe some examples etc.. I usually play clean, when I try to use Distorted effects for lead, It just dosn't sound right, I use the minor pent for improv or what not, but, I don't know if it dosn't sound right because of lack of speed, or what..

Not too sure if any of this makes any sense, I'm a bit lost myself, so I could use any input,advice, or direction.. Thanks very much.
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Start to name the bar chords, I know the shapes..

I can't help much with the other stuff, I've only been playing 9 months myself.

But as barre chords go

You have the A, Am, E and Em shapes (You said you know these, so I won't show them).

Basically, with the 2 A shapes (A and Am) you move them up and down the fretboard, and whichever note the root is on, that is the chord.

So if you do an Am shape and start on the 5th fret of the A string, the chord is a Dm.

And the same applies to the E shapes;

E shape on 5th fret of the E string is an A.

Simple as ; all you're really doing is using your finger to act as a capo.
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Chord progressions : I'm not really sure what you mean here. Like are you having trouble playing something like D G C, a few bars each? Or do you mean you want to learn about common progressions like II V I, or I IV V, or maybe to know what that even means? Just give us some more detail on the question.

for bar chords try




They show you what you want to know, I think. Uh, as for naming them, the open 6th string (thickest one, nearest to you) is an "E" note.
1st fret is an F
2nd is F# (# means Sharp, or one semitone higher)
3rd is a G, and so on, up to the 12th fret where it repeats again. I'll elborate on this is you aren't sure what i mean.

I would not anchor, and if you need to see the arguments, check the anchoring thread in MT.

Maybe try and learn the major scale, and the blues scale. There are TONS of lessons on UG for all this sort of stuff


Good luck, I hope some of that helped you.
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To anchor or not to anchor - Not

What to practice - depends on your playing style and how far you want to go into theory and/or technique...for naming chords and such head here and perhaps some chord theory here - also, try to learn scales and chords not as shapes, but as notes themselves...knowing the notes on the neck will help greatly - this might help

Improvisation - remember that speed isn't always the best thing for soloing, especially with the minor pentatonic...you'll see that many players who use this scale much of the time during their solos (Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughan) that it's not full of speed runs and such, but rather short phrases and bends, giving a speaking quality to their solos

also, i would suggest learning the scales through the 3nps method, which results in 7 positions of the major scale, which are the modes as well...killing two birds with one stone, check it out here (just click on each mode, learn it's tonality, hear how it sounds in action)

good luck
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