I can play that intro...havn't started the whole song yet.
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I can play welcome home other than the solos
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I can play up and most of the first verse. I stopped learning it after that, I might pick the song up again.
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he has a voice like a wanker.

are you more into staticx and andrew wk who have no voices? cuz thats cool.
Yeah, its one of my favorite songs to play... acoustic and electric. The solo is pretty kick ass
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Sweet I also just know some of it but now i want to learn it agin lol...

P.s. what exactly is a Wanker?
i love this song i can play and sing all of it..and play the solos...most of claudios are higher than that actually...but ya i can haha yes!
i can play the intro..aint tried the rest yet.
I can sing the song too, but then again I'm a girl and this song is in my range.
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