So I just got my new amp, a vox ad30vt and it kicks ass however I'm still not content with my tone and since I wont be able to afford a new axe anytime soon I figured that I had better upgrade my pups on my Ibanez grx20.

Price range: Not that much, and I can only acess duncans and dimarzios, I cant get swinesheads due to me living in Trinidad and I cant get BL's since I'm probaly gonna make my purchase in a Sam Ash.

I like metal, classic rock, blues, jazz and jazz fusion, shred and reggae so I need something that can handle gain and have decent cleans. Since I have a solid state amp I dont want a high gain pickup, I'll get all my gain from the amp.

So far I have somewhat decided on a neck pickup, the Dimarzio Fred. I havent tried the pickup but I have heard it in action and I love the vocal like element it posseses. I havent yet decided on a bridge pickup and I eagerly await your recomendations.

PS: The guitar is made of basswood.
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
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