I'm trying to get a nice distorted sound in Guitar Rig 2 but all I get is a muddy sound. I have a Schecter Gryphon than sounded just great through a 100W Fender Amp which I can't afford right now. So if I could get some tips of getting a nice sound in guitar rig 2 it would be great.

more info >>> what amp do you have?
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not sure, but try out different presets that are already there... you might find something.
and make sure your pickups aren't too close to the strings, that could cause muddy sound. also, check your input and output level in guitar rig 2. you can adjust them by pressing the "learn" button and strum as hard as you can...
hope that helped.
Why does everyone want to sound like slash. Just cus ur guitar sounds like him dont mean u can play like him. U got no chance unless you get a pedal with a slash amp sim and then it still wont be that good. Make your own sound that your happy with. and work on perfecting that. Will do you better in the long run. But here you go ill be nice and give you a few amp settings that COULD make it sound better.
Gain 6, Distortion channel (Obviously) , Treble 7, Mid 4 (If you have contour on your amp set it to 6 its the opposite to mid), Bass 7, Reverb 4. Hope this helps im sure other people will give you other settings.
Gain - 6.5
Treble - 4.5
Mid - 7
Bass - 7
Presence ? 8
Neck pickup, roll of all tone. Use the LEad 800 model!
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Thanks guys ..I know the amp settings Slash uses but I don't neccesarly want Slash's sound. The problem is I just can't get any good distorted sounds from Guitar Rig 2 . I don't have an amp I'm just using guitar rig 2 and my computer.