I know there is the clips thread, but i've had no luck and I know that not everone reads it. I'm after an Ashdown fallen angel all tube amp. I've heard good things about - it sounds like its fantastic. The problem is - where I live - in Western Australia, there is no one that sells these guitar amps. They sell the bass amps but not the guitar amps. I've seen some on ebay that I'm interested in, but I dont want to go and spend large amounts of money on an amp I've never heard. I play mainly metal - death, thrash etc.

So if anyone has one, could you please record a couple of different sounds that the amp is capable of. Mainly the really high gain is what i'm after. If you know where I can find sound clips, that would be awesome as well. Or if someone can compare it to another amp, maybe I can get some idea - coz right now I have NO idea what it sounds like.

I dont care if you're not very good at playing - I just would really like to hear it!

Thank you all in advance!


EDIT - also - what are the inbuilt effects like??
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i tried one briefly a little while back, i like the idea that you can add gain to the clean channel, so you could have one slightly distorted channel then one heavily distorted channel........all i can say is that its got quite a bit of gain, i found it a little bit unversatile for my tastes.. the effects i have no idea i didnt try them. Btw i tried the 40 watt combo