Ok, so next week im going to paint an entire house, its a pretty big house. Im going to make a lot of money doing it and i was thinking of buying that Boss GT-8 pedal. Do you think its worth it or could i get something better?
That totatally depends. It's an incredibly powerful pedal, with an incredible array of sound and options. The biggest downfall with it is you need to be able to invest a LOT of time with it, first simply to set it up, and secondly to get the sounds you want out of it.

There are a ton of preset patches in there, but I only found a few of them useful. So to really get your moneys worth out of the GT-8 you need to be prepared to make your own patches.

Was it worth the money? Yes. Is it a pain in the ass to use? Yes. There are a lot of other multi-fx pedals out there, the Digitech GNX4 is worth looking at, it has some great features that the GT-8 is lacking. I've only spent a little time with it and at a music store at that, but I wasn't all that fond of the sounds, they all sounded a little too harsh and fake to me. There's also the POD to look at, but I don't really know much about it so I can't comment.

I think that the general consensus is the GT-8 is the best bang for your buck though.
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A patch is a pre-made sound. I believe there are about 196 on the GT-8. Thing's like Heavy Metal Drive, Blues Drive, Whole Stack, Mellow Hollow, Low Tone Jazz, Acoustic Guitar Simulator etc...
I'd say that you should buy the GT-8.
It is really great and it REALLY isn't that hard as most people say, it's very logic...
Maybe its worth checking sum secondhand ads, cause it still is alot of money
Good Luck