Ok, I've recently got together my own little recording set up, I've got my computer, interface, software, guitar, mics... blah blah blah.

So I've been able to record by micing up my amp, and also by using the line-out on my amp too, and I've also been able to do some simple software based tone-modelling too.

But now I'm looking into getting the last piece of the puzzle, some sort of pre-amp tone modeller. Something like a Multi-FX, or a dedicated tone modeller (like a POD or a V-Amp). So here is where I need some advice, I was just wondering what Multi-FX/Modellers you guys would recommend to me, and which ones you've heard bad things about. One that has caught my eye is the Korg AX3000G, which seems to pack a lot of punch for a reasonable price. I've been pointed towards the DigiTech GNX3 or 4. And obviously there is always the Line 6 POD which has been causings stirrings ever since it came around... But anyway, this is where I hand over to you guys/girls and hopefully you'll be able to help me out

Many thanks,
I had gone through this process last year and my final result is the GNX4. This thing is worth every penny. I've tried the Toneport, M_Audio, etc... The GNX is the best hands down. Yes, it costs more, but you get what you pay for. The problem I have with the Line 6 stuff is that they hook you into there software and everything is pay per use. Plus the Line 6 stuff is to toyish. The GNX comes with a full working version of Pro Tracks with midi support. A true band in a box. I can't speak about the Korg. The morale of my story is that I started with the LIne 6 stuff and a few othe brands and ended up fronting the money for the GNX. One of the best decision I've made. I use this thing all the time for everything!

Good luck with your decision!
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yeah, I have to say, like Stryker, I really do like the GNX4. A friend owed me money, so he gave me the GNX4 as part of the payback. I really took it just to sell, but it's just been too convenient, and does too much stuff. I also own a Podxtl, and while I really like that unit too, it's been sitting in it's box since I got the GNX4. You don't need anything else to use with it, everything is on the unit. You don't even need any software to record, I have a 1GB CF card with mine, and the built in 8 track recorder works great with it. The Jamman, along with the midi drum machine, make it a really fun tool to get ideas down. The built in DBX mic preamp, with true phantom power, also works very well if you are looking to record an amp or another instrument with a dynamic or condensor mic. You can also route it thru any part of the fx if you want. It's got line ins, xlr balanced outs, regular outs, and they all can be routed thru or around fx. It's not an easy unit to learn, but once you do, it can do a LOT more things than any of the other fx boxes I've seen. As a guitar workstation, it really is a great unit. The fx and amp sims are decent, but you really have to tweak the patches if you want to get the best sound, as is the case with most of the other multifx too. I did like some of the amp sims more on the Pod, but the fx are as good/better on the GNX4 IMO. That and the extra features on the GNX4 tipped the scales for me. Once you realize how to tweak the amp sims, you can make them sound nearly as good too. I'm probably going to sell my podxtl at this point, since I never use it anymore. I've kept it, because I figured I would get sick of the GNX4 and revert back, but I can't see using it again at this point.
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Thanks for replying guys, and don't worry... I do agree with you on the Line 6, I too find them rather toyish... and can't see their use heading much furthar then bedroom practice.

I'm hearing a lot of praise for the Digitech gear, in my last recording help thread that was the one which was brought up specifically. So I'll be looking into that. Thanks guys

But now I wanna hear someone say something about some other ones... anybody have any experiences with the Korg gear? The Boss stuff? Let me know, I'd love to find out. When I head off back to my student home I'll be heading into GAK alot to test out all this stuff, but I'd just like to know what to look out for really.