Has anybody heard his new album, The Avalanche?

Simply amazing.. he's such a gift to music.
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I haven't checked his new stuff out yet. Illinois and Seven Swans were my two favorite albums from him.
Illinois sucks big time. Long, boring, and unimaginative. I haven't heard his other stuff though.
I listened to one of his songs and I thought it was brilliant. He's a great songwriter.
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I really like him. He has a great sense of melody and sonically he really knows how to set a mood.

However, i really hope he stops making 75 minute albums. And sometimes he seems to take ideas from the same bag of musical tricks a few times too often. I'd like to see a really wild, experimental Sufjan album. Like Enjoy your rabbit. Now that was a record with fresh ideas.
I personally love Illinois.
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He is really really good.

His last album was a bit lacking though, but he is a really good writer.
Avalanche is just an album of B Sides from Illinois
There once was a man who really loved salt
So he tied his nose to the sea
And then God came down from his silver throne
And said, 'Honey, that water ain't free
Yeah his albums are too long. I don't know, I sort of find everything about him to be too perfect. He doesn't leave enough to the imagination. I still like him though.
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I like some of his songs a lot, but the whole thing definitely gets gimmicky, overindulgent, and pretentious after awhile. And although he is a good musician no doubt, a lot of his songs are just looping and building. Then a lot of times he'll throw in a new instrument, playing the already established melody, and everyone acts like it's some genius solo. I guess I have very mixed feelings about him....I'd just like to hear him write a more "traditional" album, and sell it based more on the merit of the music, rather than dress it up so much.
^ that's basically seven swans. for most of that album he's limited how many instruments he uses and it is still excellent. Illinois was far from unimaginative in my opinion. there are not many artists of the same calibre as sufjan stevens, he has the ability to make you smile in one song, then writes something very dark as the next track. 'a sun came' could be deemed pretty over-indulgent i'll admit, but illinois definately strikes the right balance.
song titles rule aswell. just look at illinois.

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I enjoy some of his songs but I think the states project is a little boring. Some of his lyrics are a little too factual and he could try encorporateing styles of music of the states into his music. Good songwriter though.
The album isn't "new" it just all the stuff that didn't make Illinoise and alternative tracks.