Which of these three amps are better they have been narrowed down and I haven't played on either so I can't choose myself. So I'm relying on you to help me pick the right amp.

I play mostly GreenDay, Red Hot Chillis, Sum41.. That kinda music. So which amp would be best suiting?

I have a link for all three

Roland Cube 30

Line6 Spider II 30

Vox AD30VT

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the Cube would probably be better for what you are looking for. Maybe look at the Vox valvetronix too.
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out of thoses two the cube hands down, but i think a vox ad30vt would be more suited to youre tastes as the listed amps are more suited to high gain metal
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The Line 6 is suited to high gain shyte. The Cube is an amazing modeling amp, and it can do a lot. But for those styles, I also reccomend the Valvetronix.
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go for the roland cube out of those but i also auggest you get a valvetronix for those styles
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out of the two i go for cube mos def but as mentioned try out a vox
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Then Vox it is. But see if you can find any music shops close by that has them, to try them. If you can.
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