Ok, so I have a Framus Cobra half stack. As of now I'm using the settings that the store had it set on for ohms. I was wondering though.. it's a 100w head.. the head is set on 16ohms, and the cab is set on 50 watt stereo. The 100w setting on the cab says mono.. I'm really not sure if this is right. I basically have no clue about anything concerning ohms or watts. So basically I need to know if I should put my cab on 100w? But it says mono so I don't know? And if I do where would the ohms on the head need to be set? I'm really clueless about all this so any help would be appreciated.
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the cab does need ot be set to mono stereo is for when you have 2 cabs hooked up then you would use the stereo one
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