I want to cover "Hand of Blood" by Bullet for my valentine, and i got it...except the solo, ive only been playing for about 6 months and im not good enough to solo, and i cant do it, so if my band does decide to cover this song, what should i do during the solo?
suck it up, practice, and learn the damn thing. if you say you 'cant', then you wont... ever.
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Keep at it. Play it slow, then play it faster and faster until you've got it.

Just because you've only been playing 6 months doesn't mean you can't do solos. You'll blow everyone away when you master it.

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I must've play the solo to bat country 745 times especially at the end where it gets really fast id only been playing 14 months when i mastered it. just play the solo you want to learn slow over and over and over.