When i try doing a 3 finger power cord



I can never get the other 7 to do anything ..it like mutes it
It's like if i was playing


... i don't know ..is there a serten way you have to hold it to make all of them play ..not only two

and you give me some tips
no ... if i do my pinky don't want to stay on the right thing

-7-Ring finger.
-7-Ring finger.
-5-Index finger.

Note i play punk rock ..i don't if that makes a differnce or not
Finger strength and so what are my answers. I also like to bar this type of power chord with my 3rd finger.

are your nails really long?

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idk..its just finger strength. i barred when i was a beginner, but now i just use my pinky for the third string.
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Yeah if I were you I'd just practice slowly, with your pinky, and build up at a steady pace.
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No my nails are short


have you tried putting your pinky first?

like when you are going to play the chord, the first finger you should put on the fretboard should be the pinky, try that one..
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Screw you Waldo, go find yourself!!!!
well here another problem .. my pinky is fast and more whatever my ring figer really don't ..well blah.....
Try playing all the songs you know with you pinky and your ring finger to build strength and agility with those to. Id just barre it and use my pinky or ring finger the hold the other two.
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i think it my be this
I have my finger falt on it the whole thing is that worng lol..
should i have it where only my pad of the top (right where it blends0 on it and the rast of my finger off of it ?
Keep stretching your pinky across frets, I always did, I used to only use index and ring but now use my pinky aswell.

Say, put your index finger on the 1st fret of the E string, and with your ring finger, just keep stretching as far as you can, see how far you can reach and push further everytime. Then do the same with your pinky. Just keep repeating it.
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i do that ... well something like it

i do this thou


then i do some other speed thignys ..but ..i just can make it work lol ...
well i guess it becus i only been playing for like 2 months