Ive just been looking at keys and stuff and i was wondering what is a diminished chord i know its when the 3 and 5 are flattened but what does one look like cos i cant find them in chord dictionaries except for really weird chords like Bbdim7 can u have such thing as a Cdim.

That question(s) might be as confusing as i am.sorry.
you dont diminish the third, you only diminish the 5th. when making a dimished chord, just think about the notes of the dimished scale, which is easy because you only have 4 notes. in E diminished there is E, G, Bb, C#. Those would be the notes you make the chord out of, so all you have to do is find those notes on the strings and play them together as a chord.


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Diminished triads in relation to the major scale contain the degrees: 1 - b3 - b5. In C, that's C - Eb - Gb.

Diminished 7th chords in relation to the major scale contain the degrees: 1 - b3 - b5 - bb7. In C, that's C - Eb - Gb - A.

Take the notes, and plot them out the fretboard and construct your own voicings.
this guy has a complete chart on a pdf file on his website. one of the most complete charts that i have seen in a long time here is the address


it should be able to help you remember that dim chord is denoted with a little circle above the chord letter ok cya