i know i havent been commenting a lot lately but i have been really busy. anyway let me know what you think of this one. i will be able to help/comment on more really soon. thanks

F.I.M Disease/ Hey you, Oh no

Intro chorus

Hey you what?s that sound

Everybody lets come around

On no now it?s done

Everyone watch your tongue


It taste so salty and sweet

Like a Halloween treat

A candy from last year

Still stuck between you teeth

Quite like tongue in cheek

Better watch your foot-in-mouth disease

Chorus II

Hey you what?s that word

Don?t lie cuz everyone heard

Oh no not it?s done

Everyone watch your tongue


The floodgates opened

All is out

From your quietest whispers

To your loudest shouts

What is said- is taken

But never given back


Verbally spoken-- inwardly chockin?

The tongue is the body?s golden token

So powerful friends and family life?s are broken


Forgive and forget

I?m sure that will do

What I said can?t last forever

Even a grudge that is true

It?s over its done

Please move on

Ending chorus

Hey you now it?s said

Hope you don?t regret your choice

Oh no now you?re dead

Peaceful sleep in you bed.



well............i guess i will do a big no no and bump it. .... honestly though, it cannot be that bad.
i like it
i guess i didnt see it before but i think its good a lil confused on the lining but ya good keep comin