I like the progression. You have a pretty nice voice too, I like it. The second vocal track is pretty good, you might wanna make one track a little quieter though because when all the vocal tracks are going its a little bit confusing. That breakdown part is pretty good. The song has a nice feel, the keys also do alot for it. This kinda reminds me of something like Bob Dylan, keep up the good work!
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I Agree the progression is good. I like the splitting of the vocal channels left and right towards the end. Good to see a harmonica back in use. Ballads FTW.

The vocals got a little out of tune in places but apart from that, I liked the song, very easy listening.

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you must be talking about "on my trip"?
i realllly like it, not really my genre, but grungy and trippy

panning vox are a plus

amazing chord progression too


man, good job