Well, i hope you arnt saying that the actual guitar, sounded good based on the video clip, because he doesnt use that guitar for recording. I'm unsure of the name of the guitar, though maybe try guitar geek, or something or wait for a wiser UGer to pass by.
I seen his guitar .. last night i believe, their concert was on tv, everywhere but home. that was awesome, but i dont really know what type of guitar it is, ill look it up
dan armstrong i believe
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It's a Dan Armstrong (Ampeg) custom acrylic guitar and it sounds fine.
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it reminds me of a bc rich acrylic series. its either a custom one of those or some other company doing an acrylic.
i only know that john frusciante and kirk hammet played one of those with some liquid in it...
they're custom made i think
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Ampeg Dan Armstrong model.

I think they go for about $1300. It would probably be cheaper if you got it from a non-suspecting noob off eBay that's an original Dan Armstrong.
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