Poll: Which Rage Against The MAchine album is better?
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View poll results: Which Rage Against The MAchine album is better?
20 83%
Evil Empire
4 17%
Voters: 24.
Okay, Ive been trying to decide which RATM album to get, and i was just wondering which one you think is better?
The self titled CD is the best, then IMO Live and Rare and the Final Concert one.
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I would say get Self-Titled first, then get Evil Empire. Evil Empire is my favourite though.
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^Ageed. The self-titled has all the hits and their breakthrough sound but I think Evil Empire is the best put together album they have and is the pinnacle of their sound.
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The Battle Of Los Angeles is by far my favorite, then get the self-titled. The Battle of LA has some great songs on it, man.
As of right now,I'm the only that voted for Evil Empire. I feel lonely.
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The first RATM song I heard was Guerilla Radio on my local rock station and I went out and bought The Battle of Los Angelos, which is one hell of an album. I'd suggest that one.
self titled, although theyre all great albums (well, not renegades so much, but still good, they did a minor threat cover! can you belive it!)
the self titled is a breakthrough album
i have it on CD and a rare un opened vinyl!
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of those two, easily the self-titled. i'd go for either that or Battle of Los Angeles.
If you can only get one go with Self-Titled. However I think all of their studio albums are worth the money.
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Battle Of LA, but from those two S/T
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S/t beats the **** out of battle of LA...

BoLa is still a good album tho..

and S/t out of those 2
Self Titled.
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Evil Empire is probably my favorite.

I like all of their studio output, though. Haven't gotten to the live stuff yet.
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