Psychotic industrial black metal:

The Axis of Perdition
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I love the way the guys in the band believe in some parallel world of chaos and AoP is what they think it would sound like. Listening to their stuff with that in mind makes it that little bit more menacing and IMO heavier than any grindcore or death metal bands could hope to achieve solely through their sound.
I've got Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital & The Ichneumon Method (And Less Welcome Techniques). Both of which I do enjoy, Deleted Scenes has an especially eery feel to it.
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I absolutely love them. The drumming on the Icheumon (sp?) Method is amazing. They have such a deep, dark sound...I get lost in their songs.
Love this band, plus they are one more band I can add to the Industrial Metal list for beginners.
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There best work is their EP 'Physical Illucinations in the Sewer of Xuchilbara', pretty hard to find though I think, but I could be wrong. All their work is great, especially when listening to it down a dark alley on the way home!
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Yeah..You know they use a drum machine on the tracks right?


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so this isnt spam, i've been listening to 'Deleted scenes...' alot this past week and its really...disturbing at times
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I thought it was pretty cool, I always have a hard time getting into black metal but this did catch my intrest.
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So, "The Axis of Perdition’s MySpace page mentions that two more albums are currently in the works. The first, titled "Grief of the Unclean," [the title has changed though] is apparently a 2-disc album, and is tentatively scheduled for release some time in November. The second release, entitled "Tenements Of The Anointed Flesh," should appear in 2008."

from http://musicalwarfare.blogsome.com/2007/11/03/the-axis-of-perdition/

Awesome or what?

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They kinda remind me of the Amenta and 1349. I like the fast paced music but I don't really care for the vocalist. Interesting stuff, but the vocalist IMO kinda kills it.
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When The Ichneumon Method came out I thought this band ruled. I never got the same vibe from any of their other releases though. Ichneumon Method just has an eerie haunting aura about it.
I've only got the Transition Hotel thingy album, what I find pretty cool is that for me most scary parts are the jazz sections, they sound so fuckin' menacing for some reason
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Deleted Scenes is great. My cousin and I baked out my car and had this on at 1:30 am. Best bad idea I've ever had.
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