Ok, lately i've been getting really choppy distortion from the first few strings on the guitar. It msotly happens with the high E string, you can't tap or do legato's, it just sounds like total ****. It's like the guitar is killing itself to get a clear sound but just can't. The strings aren't dead so I don't know what it could be. The guitar is an LTD MH-400. Could it possibly have something to do with the floyd rose? Like maybe the string is slipping or placed in there improperly or something? Or maybe it's the action or pickups? I don't know. The pickups are an EMG 81/85 but their in the opposite position. I like them like that but if that's the problem I can always change. What do you guys think?
Could be the Floyd, maybe the strings are touchin' somewhere they shouldna've been.
when was the last time you changed the battery for the pups?
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I got the guitar about a month ago, it's brand new. It shouldn't need new batteries.
Also, where did you get the guitar? From a shop? Maybe it's been playing for more than the month then.

The intarweb? Could be that there was no fully charged battery in there to begin with.
Is it a tube amp?? I reckon the most likely thing is being out of tune. When the higher strings are out of tune (especially when playing with distortion), it can make a horrible waving sound.

Hope that helps

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