Anybody watch this? some of you bootleg collectors will know what i'm talking about.

its a movie made by Jim Morrison from 1968 i think, its an indendant film about a hitchhiker, its kind of hard to get into because its a bit boring but its very interesting in the least.

someone sent me a copy a while ago, if you guys are into torrent search around for it.

so for those who have watched it what do you think of it?
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I've seen it before, I'm a huge Doors fan I thought it was pretty interesting, but sort of boring. I really liked the parts when Jim drove the Shelby GT 500 around the desert.
yeah same, Jim and Robby are two of my favorite musicians.

yeah i like the whole concept its just so boring, he doesnt even talk once (unless its just on little line i dont remember) but when he lets out that blood curiling scream its pretty entertaining, its one of the only things that kept me awake watching it( iwatched it at like 1 i nthe morning)
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lol I think the only lines he had in the film were "Hot mother****er, isn't it?" in reference to the weather, to the gas station guy and when he made that phone call saying that he killed someone. the part where he emerged from that abandoned car and started throwing rocks and jumping on it was amusing.
Jarrett Moore, you can sometimes find it on P2P networks.

and its boring in the sense that:
- it takes place in the desert so the scenery is really redundant.
-jim really nevers says much
-theres a scene that goes on for like 7 min of jim just standing on the road attempting to hitchhike, thats the worst part of the movie
-towards the end theres a scene where the camera is filming buildings going by in LA for a long time
-the main thing is the movie just follows jim around as he does nothing really

If you like classic cars like I do, then you'll enjoy the parts of the movie where you get to see Jim's 1967 Mustang Shelby GT 500, its a beautiful car.
If you don't feel like going thru the trouble of trying to find it and downloading it, someone uploaded it onto youtube, divided in multiple clips. Here's the first part, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXHCLuiute8 when you're done with that one, just scroll under "Explore More Videos" to find the next part.
Sounds intresting, i'll try to find it.
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