Well as the thread title says ...I need advice... Right now Im in a band and we play a lot of melodic punk (sounds like relient k, blink 182 to an extent), I personally also play in my church's praise band we play alot of contemporary music that is upbeat and i play the electric guitar in that. Right now my setup is that im using a VOX Valvetronix AD50VT amp with a Washburn Idol 64 standard. Right now Im just using the settings on the amp to save sounds that I like into its two channel footswitch deal... But I'm getting to the point where I don't really like how linear the amp is...WHat I mean is that I don't like using preset sounds throug a footswitch...i'd rather buy a new amp that i can start building my pedalboard with and have a bigger variety of sounds without having to walk over to the amp and preset two....I just think I have matured as a musician after playing for about 6-7 years and I need a higher end rig... I am planning on buying either a fender mustang or a Gibson SG to go along with it so just keep that in mind....Thanks in advance for the help!