hi everyone,

I opened this thread to see if somebody can tell some info about gibson basses, im gonna buy a new bass and i dont know if to buy a gibson les paul doble cut bass or a fender US Vintage 62' Jazz Bass, i really like them both but i can only choose one, so i just wanna know technical stuff and quality, if they are good and that kinda of things

thnx to everybody
If you're looking to spend *that* much on a bass, I wouldn't take anyone on here's word for sh*t (no offence people) because spending $2000 on something that someone else has told you to buy really isn't that good of an idea...is it now...

*ahem* get down to your nearest chain store and play EVERY bass they have until you find one that really suits you...
Yeah, your best bet is to try every possible bass you can.

Personally, I'd look into Fender basses, just because I'm a fan of them. In the end, you'll have to decide for yourself though.