Hi I got a Crafter Cruiser and it has served me well for the last year or so, but now Im thinking of upgarding the pickups. Does anybody have some good suggestions for brands/ pickups I could use? I need ones that would fit the slots of the originals on ym guitar, as it doesnt have a scratch plate. Anybody got suggestions?

EDIT: Bands - Alter Bridge, Audioslave, Metallica, RATM, 3 doors down, Soungarden etc.
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..are they single or humbucking?

Music preference? Bands? different pickups are used for different things

But usually people stick to dimarzio and seymore duncans, gibson also has some really good pickups
Bah, horrible guitar mate. Not being nasty, just seriously....buy a new guitar, you won't notice any difference with new pick-ups in that. NEW GUITAR!!!!!!
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EMG's too
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Thing is, a new guitar of decent quality is like, £300 + i expect. Dependent on my GCSE results, I may do it. But atm, Im interested in new pickups as I would love a new acoustic (will open thread later!), and that expense, + new pickups, is affordable.

Would new pickups, in my current guitar, not be worth it you think? WOuld it not make a noticeable improvement? Ive been playing a year and a half, and dont practice as much as I would like , so am not looking for massive outlay to get best possible sound.
Sorry mate. You really won't notice that much of a difference. I know it's hard to be patient and wait to save up enough but it'll be worth it when you have a nice guitar in your hands. Good luck man!
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You guys are all wrong a new amp is what you need most likely what kind of amp do you have
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ya you need a new amp that will vastly improve your sound.

Crap guitar-->Good amp good tone
Good guitar-->Crap amp horrible tone

i could make a squier sound good through a Mesa

But a Spider2 will make a Gibson Les Paul Custom sound like ****

Whats your budget and what kind of music do you play
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i edited my original post with bands; its like rock and metal kinda stuff. Budget for pickups is like £100 maximum, but its possible I could get a new amp as well, but would rather spend my money on a new acoustic, assuming new pickups would make a significant improvement.
"Crap guitar-->Good amp good tone
Good guitar-->Crap amp horrible tone"

The above is spot on, take note people.

To be perfectly honest people with cheap guitars who add decent pickups are wasting there money imho. The guitar will still be cheap but with good pickups and if its running through a 10 Watt SS Wal Mart practise amp it will still sound ****e.
I would suggest saving up a while and seeing what you can find thats pretty decent second hand.

What a guitar is made of and how it is put together is just as important, .
well, my amp isnt ****ty, its decent for cost imho. 30watts and all, perfect for practicing. I think what I might do is take my current guitar to my local guitar shop, and try it out on some new amps to see for myself what difference it makes.