I'm sure u this topic sounds familiar, but i need some answers regarding epiphone les paul.

I have been playing 10 months and have cheapo fender strat copy, I have grown particularly fond of the epi lp's whilst thinking about a new g-tar.

knowing what epi lp to choose has become a head ache.!

The two models i am disputing on is the lp standard PLUS and the custom.

I would appreciate it if anyone could give honest views or advice on the DIFFERENCES between the custom and the standard,(apart from gold finish) and how the standard plays in particular (forgetting about the real gib, i am only interested in how the epi is as a guitar and not comparing them to the gib)

I play alot of rock (hard and alternative) and bluesy stuff
Is the epiphone les paul standard plus better than the standard?or custom?

THankyou for any replys
the standard plus is nice...i also have one...
it plays quite well
Hold my breath
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the standard looks nice....but the custom looks nice too! arent they both the same except for looks? the standard plus doesnt have pickup covers... it has a nice finish.....the custom has a sweet headstock.....the standard plus has nice tuners.....thats all i see as differences
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most epiphones have an alder mixture in the body which results in a synthetic tone compared to an all mahogany body that is found on gibson les pauls. the only epi (besides elitist) that uses an all mahogany body is the standard plain top but some people have been reporting that the quality on these models are pretty crap.

also mate what amp do you use?
just a practice 15w mar amp,don't worry i will buy new one soon.....very soon, but i thought id get the guitar first,as it may boost my motivation more than my rubbish strat copy
well if your worried about the playability of the strat copy you can try to fix up some little adjustments