Hey can someone clarify what is the difference between the GRX20 and GRX20Z. I know they are both supper low-end guitars. But what?s the diff. and what one is better? I?m pretty sure I?m going to buy one of them. I have never played a guitar so this will be my first guitar and I want to make sure I love it. Would spending a little more lets say on an Ibanez RG321 be better? Or would I not notice the difference between the models since I?m such an inexperience noob?

There isn't really a difference between GRX20 and GRX20Z. GRX series are okay starting instruments, and nothing more. They're made out of low-quality wood (usually remains from the production of more expensive instruments) and have the most basic and generic-sounding electronics.

Granted that you're starting out and your intention is serious, then I'd spend some more and go for RG321 - it will grow with you, and in the future it's worthy of an upgrade. If you're just trying to see whether guitar is right for you, then spend less and get the GRX - but you might want to switch it very soon if you really get into playing guitar.
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