Alright so the deal is I'm starting a ska band. The only problem is I've got a trombone player whose great, but has never played ska. Is there a specific way in which ska trombone players play? I don't know what to tell him because I only play guitar, but I understand some theory so if i could get some trombone theory help I could help him out. Any help on ska playing for the trombone (theory or not) would be appreciated! Thanks all.
Well give him some good ska tunes to listen to, stuff with good horn sections (like the band Fishbone) and ask him to try and see if he can play stuff like that. Other than that I guess you could give him some sheet music for ska. But I don't think theory has much to do with it, Green Day and Yngwei Malmsteen both apply the same music theory to their work, they just play different styles, I think you guys will be fine.

By the way you're quite lucky, I've been trying to start a ska band for some time but I cant seem to find a good horn section.
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Thanks for the help. And I love Fishbone haha. But yeah I got really lucky in finding a trombone player fast, and I've got a few trumpet players lined up to audition.
Reel Big Fish use a trombone, I think.

And they own.
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Yeah RBF has a trombone. I've been listening to a lot of them to try to get a sense of the style. And yes... they own hard.
Yeah, I wanted to listen to something new yesterday so put their Why Do They Rock So Hard , made me wonder why I'd not been listening to them for months.

Good luck with the band .
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