ive been learning by myself for almost a year and am planning on taking some lessons soon. i play an ibanez rgex2 and ive pretty much figured out that its not giving me the tones that i want(i like metal but i dont really want to play it) and it breaks all the time.so i have two questions...

should i keep my guitar longer and use it for lessons or sell it and save up and get one last guitar that i will use all the time?(i love playing and i dont see myself stopping)

and what is a good guitar around 600-800$ that will last me for a lonnnnng time? i want it to play blues clean sounds but can have a good distorted sound ? thanks
What Amp do you have?
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I'd look into Schecter guitar's man. Maybe save up more and get the C1 Classic, maybe even the Plus. Good luck
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I suggest you sell this piece of crap. Find a friend or anybody else who want to buy it. My friend dit it with an old Jackson and bought an Epiphone Les Paul, which is an amazing blues guitar for its price.
i have a Schecter C-1 Elite, Awesome distorted, pretty good cleans, besides if your budget is 800 and you get it you could always do a pickup swap