i was planning on buying a 5150 combo 60 watt tube amp but idk if it can keep up with a dual rectifier so im wondering.... and also is a original 5150 good for hardcore like unearth
im honestly not sure the capabilities of a dual rectifier so i cant really tell you about that but a 5150 will do hardcore metal no problem i mean it was made so eddie van halen would use it. so metal is not hard for it.
what do you mean keep up, like volume wise, or gain wise? Volume wise, you should be fine unless the dual is completely cranked, even a 60W 5150 2x12 is still VERY loud, and it will just sound better cranked. If you needed more, you could always get another 2x12 and have a halfstack projection. For gain, the 5150 is easily one of the highest gain amps out there. If you are thinking of tone, they are very different sounding amps, but the 5150 should be fine for harcore stuff.
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yea it will, differnt, but equally good sound
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Ive played gigs with 5150's and Dual Rec's and owned a couple of each. Live the 5150 destroys the dual rec. Recorded I love the dual rec too but its lack of mid's let it down and the more you turn the mids up the worse it sounds IMO. It doesnt cut through in the mix either as well as the 5150.