im thinking of buying a new amp, and im pretty much a huge tone freak, so id liek an amp with a bunch of tone control, mostly for shredding, crazy fast riffs, soloing, and just plain super heavy distortion. so im wondering (once i get the money, which will be...a while...) if any of you guys have heard the Randall V2. i was thinking of getting the 300G3 head, but even though it had the highest rating out of all the amps on musicians friend, i just think the V2 has much more tone control, and i really like the 6-band EQ that comes on it. and 500 watts @ 2 Ohms is just INSANE....

thats almost enough to blow the skin off your face.... yeah but i reeally need to knwo what you guys think, because in the past you guys have given me greeat feedback (haha, feedback...) on what i should choose, and id just like to know if im making the right choice for my style of music (thrash metal).