I recently got a Fat Strat and it has a tremelo system. Since I got it I've been using it like mad, and I thought of a question; is there a limit to whammy bar abuse? Any chances of it breaking or perhaps it will not work to its full capacity?

I've never had a tremelo system before so any help is appreciated. Also it's the stock Fender Tremelo if that changes anything.
my whammy bar started to squeek a bit. but i may have just not noticed that before...

i think it is possible to break... but the only time ive heard of it happening is from an interview with ritchie blackmore (formerly of deep purple).. and he would grab the guitar by the bar and swing it around... his guitar tech eventually put a 2 inch thick bar on his guitar. and said if it breaks he didn't want to hear about it... so make a long story short at his next sho he put it on the ground put his foot on it and pulled
I honestly don't know how or why one even needs a trem on a guitar. I've got one, but the only reason I use it is sometimes I think to myself "geez, I've got the damn thing, I might as well find an excuse to use it," but seriously it does nothing for my playing.

I think I just feel guilty about never using it, lol.
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Strats dont have floyd rose and using the whammy bar knocks it way out of tune

I never said I had a floyd rose. Mine doesn't go too far out of tune. If it does go out of tune a little I can just pull the whammy bar up a little and it corrects it.
i broke mine. now the little piece of the whammy bar is stuck in the whole and no way of getting it out.
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I did hardcore tricks, like lift guitar with whammy bar, shake it like hell until you can actually see the tuners move, etc and it just bends upwards.
Abusing the tremolo bar can snap strings (my FR did that a lot!) and cause the guitar to go out of tune. Especially the Fender tremolos are bad at getting the guitar out of tune. And they are darn unstabile compared to FR or Edge pro.

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