alright well the last week or two have been pretty crazy. what's basically happened was two guys in my band (Stash) (which is 3 weeks old ) got in a bit of a scuffle, so we split, came back together, and split over the course of 10 minutes. now the one guy has left on a sour note, off on his own "solo career". so me my friend and the drummer have been left with Stash. then the dude who split asked me and the drummer to be in his backup band...after so suddenly breaking off of Stash. he seemed to have cooled off a bit, so we agreed. and on top of all this, me and my friend in Stash have decided to keep the little duo we've had for a while called Purple.

so i am currently in 3 very serious bands. not 2 weeks ago was i in 1 duo project that was basically gaining no ground. its all pretty crazy, i'm still shocked that suddenly everyone has chosen me to be the guitarist in their bands

everyone seems cool with the situation, but i can't imagine the kind of arguments that are going to happen when Stash and the solo band have schedualing conflics, and me and my friend are still writing songs for Purple, which is seperate form Stash and the solo band. ugh, im so confused. me and the drummer have been trying as hard as we can to be the peacemakers through all this... i guess im just looking for advice or experience on multi-banding, and semi-splits and whatever
sounds crazy
i would work harder at the one you like the best
prolly one you started(if you did)
thats what i would do
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yeah i co-started 2 of the 3 bands. i really jsut want to get out and play, i dont really care what or with who. the solo thing is basically just me being the guy's rhythm bitch, as far as i'm concerned. Stash is more of the jam-band where i have half of center stage, and the duo is just for fun and songwriting and acoustic stuff. ive basically been the utility guy, playing everywhere with anyone, keeping the peace and staying away from conflict
Hey it's Andy from Purple! Sweet! I'm the guitarist in In Love and Hate!
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Stay with the people you can trust most. If Stash has anger management problems, leave him.
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Hey it's Andy from Purple! Sweet! I'm the guitarist in In Love and Hate!

NO way! thats insane dude whats up

and to clarify, Stash is a band not a person, and its actaully the better of the 3.
man i double band now

sceduleing conflicts do suck but happen less then u think

also semi-break ups are the beginnign of the end, good music comes from good chemistry and i would kick whoever is screwing the band up out and replace him cause it won't get any better from here
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It seems like instead of being in 3 bands, you've just got 3 people or whatever that you play with in different ways.
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